Questions and answers

Questions and answers


1.    How to install application on mobile devices?
 (smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad)
Our applications with notes and recorded accompaniment can be found in App Store and Google Play.

2.    Can I use the applications purchased by me for commercial purposes and make them available for copying by students and friends?
Yes, but only after purchase of the “application package” for a given musical instrument, which contains the commercial license.

3.    I cannot activate the downloaded file / install the application!
Our application operates in Adobe AIR environment. In order to take advantage of our application, you have to install the latest version of Adobe AIR. You can download installation file of Adobe AIR for your system by clicking here.

4.    I cannot record my performance!
In order to take advantage of the recording function, you have to have earphones and microphone, having access to the sound card on your computer.

5.    How to change tempo/pitch in the accompaniment track and musical notation?

In order to change tempo/pitch in the accompaniment track, you can select the version that suits you while placing the order. You will receive a link for downloading an additional version of this application by e-mail within 48 hours from registration of the correct payment in the transaction system.


When you have not received an answer to your question, you can contact us using the contact form by clicking here. You will receive a response within 24 hours.